There is a lot of excitement in the world of online sports betting in Colorado. Bettors are carrying home prizes every day while the state is also reaping big from betting revenues. Given the growth trajectory of this betting practice, sports gambling will get even bigger in the near future.

The biggest betting sites in the wagering industry are fully operational in the state of Colorado. They come with big bonuses, amazing promotions, and the highest odds you can find anywhere. This makes sports betting in Colorado increasingly attractive even for the less than enthusiastic players.

Best online sports betting sites in Colorado

DraftKings Colorado Best betting site for beginners
FanDuel Colorado Best betting site for mobile wagers
PointsBet Colorado Best betting site for in-play wagering
BetRivers Colorado Best betting site for boosted odds
BetMGM Colorado Best betting site for bonuses
Caesars Colorado Best betting site for parlay wagering
Barstool Colorado Best betting site for high rollers

Colorado has attracted some of the best betting sites in the industry, due to its rather lenient gambling laws. Naturally, there are very many betting sites in Colorado to choose from.

Nevertheless, some of them stand head over shoulders above the rest for their exemplary services and offers. The best online sports betting sites in Colorado are listed below:

Fanduel Colorado

FanDuel launched in Colorado shortly after the state legalized sports betting in 2020. Since then, it has grown into one of the most attractive platforms for bettors. It offers some pretty tantalizing risk-free bets, especially for new players. You may not even need a promo code to benefit from these bonuses unless there is a specific promotion. The site also scores very highly for its mobile app and website, which are user-friendly and highly operational.

Another contributor to FanDuel’s success is the registration process which is pretty simple. The banking options on the site are numerous and cashier operations highly efficient. This means that you can collect your winnings very fast, which is music to the ears of bettors. Moreover, you can benefit from a huge sports market. You can bet on nearly any sport you want on this site, which also adds to its overall appeal.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: FanDuel Colorado
πŸ… Welcome bonus offer: 1000$ risk-free bet
πŸ“± Mobile app: Yes
πŸ“… Available in Colorado: Yes

Draftkings Colorado

DraftKings Sportsbook was also an early arrival in the Colorado betting space. It launched in the same month as the legalization of sports betting in the state. DraftKings is another leading sportsbook in the state. It boasts attractive bonuses, a large sports market, and numerous betting options. It also has a smooth registration process that makes it really easy for new players to join.

Moreover, there are many payment options to choose from on the site. Payouts are also swift since the sportsbook ensures that it remains outstanding in this aspect. The main way to remain competitive in the betting business is to give winners their money quickly. Well-heeled gambling sites in Colorado like Draftkings are well aware of this. They, therefore, ensure you get your money when you need it.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: DraftKings Colorado
πŸ… Welcome bonus offer: 1050$ free bet with first deposit
πŸ“± Mobile app: Yes
πŸ“… Available in Colorado: Yes

BetRivers Colorado

BetRivers is another sportsbook that debuted in Colorado shortly after the legalization of sports betting. It gained a large following due to its attractive offers and services. The deposit match bonus that it offers new players is the most outstanding of its bonuses.

There are many other bonuses and regular promotions on the site. It also rates highly for its huge sports market, which enables bettors to choose local and international sports. Moreover, it provides smooth registration and banking services. BetRivers is also famous for its great customer care services.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: BetRivers Colorado
πŸ… Welcome bonus offer: 250$ deposit bonus
πŸ“± Mobile app: Yes
πŸ“… Available in Colorado: Yes

PointsBet Colorado

PointsBet launched slightly later than the previous ones in Colorado. It began operations in Nov 2020. Despite this relative lateness, it has grown into one of the biggest names in sports betting in the state. It has a unique betting method known as points betting. This is a way of betting in which your overall winnings or losses are calculated continuously in the course of a game until it ends. It is a high-risk betting method, but also ropes in high rewards if you win.

The idea is that the odds keep changing as the game progresses, and you can also help determine these odds. This betting method has made Pointsbet an exciting new platform to bet on since it is the only sportsbook that offers this method. Some bettors may find it complicated at first. However, when you get the hang of it, you may not want to engage in other forms of betting. Whatever you think of this method, it has earned Pointsbet a large following in Colorado and elsewhere.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: PointsBet Colorado
πŸ… Welcome bonus offer: 2000$ risk-free bet
πŸ“± Mobile app: Yes
πŸ“… Available in Colorado: Yes

BetMGM Colorado

BetMGM is another early arrival on the Colorado sports betting scene, having launched in the same month as sports legalization in the state. It offers very high odds for bettors, which makes them opt for its services whenever they can make a choice. It also has plenty of bonuses and promotions. Among these, is the enormous risk-free bets. Such huge offers have earned BetMGM the moniker ‘King of Sportsbooks’ The sports market on the site is huge as well.

You are not likely to miss the sport you want to bet on when you use the BetMGM platform. Payouts are also swift and the customer care services are next to none. Naturally, BetMGM has a very large customer base. It is one of the sportsbooks to check out if you are intending to bet on sports in Colorado.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: BetMGM Colorado
πŸ… Welcome bonus offer: Up 1000$ deposit bonus
πŸ“± Mobile app: Yes
πŸ“… Available in Colorado: Yes

Caesars Colorado

Caesars is another really big name in sports betting in Colorado. It launched in the state in September 2020. It has grown really fast since its arrival, because of the good reputation it has established elsewhere. It comes in with one of the largest bonus offers for new players of any betting site.

This is given in the form of first bet insurance. It is also proud of its very high odds, which it takes every opportunity to market to great effect. Caesars also uses regular promotions for its existing players to keep them loyal to the platform. Some of these promotions give some pretty attractive bonuses to players, which makes it advisable to always look out for them.

πŸ“‹ Online betting site: Caesars Colorado
πŸ… Welcome bonus offer: Up to 1250$ deposit bonus
πŸ“± Mobile app: Yes
πŸ“… Available in Colorado: Yes

Yes, online sports betting is legal in Colorado and has been so since May 2020. Colorado was only the 19th state to legalize sports betting after the repeal of PASPA by the supreme court. However, it has some of the best laws for sports bettors, which has seen the industry grow in leaps and bounds.

The legal advantages include the full legalization of online sites and betting apps. Moreover, the legal barrier to the entry of new operators into the sports betting business is very low. Consequently, there is a healthy competing environment for operators, which translates to direct benefits for consumers. One such benefit is that there are so many sportsbooks to choose from.

So, online sports betting is not only legal in Colorado, it is thriving. The abundance of CO online sportsbooks in the market has led to corresponding enthusiasm from bettors. Though like any other state, Colorado only allows you to bet from within its territory, and only 21-year-olds can bet, the betting industry is very vibrant. State authorities are also happy about the huge revenues they have been raking in since legalizing sports betting. So, in addition to being vibrant, the sports betting industry is bound to continue into the future.

Sports you can bet on at CO betting sites

There are numerous sports that you can bet on at Colorado sports betting apps. Most of the international sports with a large following are covered by the sports markets. Some of the most popular sports to wager on are listed below:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • MMA
  • Auto racing

Types of online bets available at Colorado betting sites

Colorado betting sites provide bettors with many types of bets to choose from. This gives you the opportunity to wager in a manner that you find most appealing to you. Moreover, some bettors wish to maximize the odds available on a bet, so they can choose the most lucrative type. Below are some available bet types and how they work.

  • Moneyline bets – Moneyline bets are simple bets where all you have to indicate is whether a team will win, draw or lose. If the result you predicted comes through, you win. If the opposite happens in the game, you lose. It is the simplest and oldest type of bet. It also has one of the lowest odds. That is because the risk level associated with it is low as well.
  • Over/under – Over/ under bets are the same as totals. It predicts the combined number of goals or points that will be scored by both teams in a game. You can predict over or under a certain number of goals. If you predict under six goals, then you win if five or fewer goals are scored. If you predict over 6 goals, then you win if 7 or more goals are scored. This provides much higher odds than the Money lines.
  • Points spread – Point spreads to try to predict the difference in points that will be scored. +34 means that the team will win by a point differential of 34. -34 means it will lose by that points difference.
  • Parlay bets – You can increase your odds on money line bets by combining several predictions into one bet. For instance, you can bet on the outcome of 5 games instead of one. This is known as a parlay bet. The odds for a parlay bet are really high. However, the rule is that all your predictions must be correct for you to earn money. If even one game goes wrong, you lose the whole bet.
  • Teasers – Teaser bets allow players to change the points spread in the course of a game in exchange for a reduced payout by the sportsbooks. Teasers operate with different odds at different points of the game. The bettor is active throughout the game adjusting their position all the time. This enables them to avoid losing on the whole bet, but could significantly decrease or increase their winnings depending on the accuracy of each of their predictions.
  • Futures – Futures are bets on future events. They are predictions that will only come into realization at a time in the future. You can bet on the outcome of games days before they are actually played. Futures bets have high odds, since a lot may change before the day of the actual match. For example, an injury to a player in the interim period may cause the team performance to deteriorate significantly.
  • Live betting – The practice of Live betting is the act of betting that goes on when a game is in progress. It allows the player to bet on the first half, second quarter, and so on. It means the bettor may want to read the progress of the game first before risking a bet. This approach can also be quite risky since circumstances in any game keep changing, so predictions can go wrong. However, it is a popular type of betting due to its high adrenaline levels and high odds on offer.

How to bet on sports online in Colorado

The process of beting on sports online in Colorado is quite simple, you only need to take a few steps and you will be betting away.

  1. Find an online sports betting site in Colorado – The first step is to find an online betting site. It helps to check out what is available on each site before you settle on your preferred one. The most attractive one should have some high odds, promotions, bonuses, and loyalty programs.
  2. Check that it’s licensed in Colorado – You will need to check if your chosen betting site is licensed in Colorado. If you can find the betting site here, on this site, you can be assured that it is licensed and regulated. If your target site falls on the list, you can go on to register for an account there.
  3. Make sure the betting site accepts your preferred payment method – The site should also have your preferred banking method to enable easy and affordable transactions. Some payment methods may be good but have expensive fees. It is important to go for a method you are familiar with so that you avoid such problems. Moreover, if you are already using a certain payment method, it will be easy to continue with it if it is available on the site.
  4. Sign up with your details – You should always enter the correct details when signing in. That way it will be very easy to verify any information if you are asked to do so. Consequently, the whole registration process will proceed without any unnecessary hitches. Remember, it is illegal to give false information when you are registering on a site.
  5. Enter a promo code if you have one – You should always enter your promo code as soon as possible. The best time for that is when you are registering an account. That is because these promo codes usually unlock bonuses for newly registered players. Moreover, some have a shelf-life and will expire if you don’t use them on time. So, make sure you enter the Colorado betting promo code during the registration process.
  6. Deposit funds – You will not begin betting on the site until you make a deposit. Usually, the site will direct on what the minimum required deposit is. It is only after you make this deposit that you can play. Even if your first bet is a free one on the site, you will need to make the deposit first.
  7. Start betting on sports – Once you have completed the steps above, then you can begin to bet on your favorite sports. Just choose the game you want to bet on, select the bet type, place your bet and watch the action unfold. You cannot win without placing a bet. So you should make your first wager as soon as you can. This will also give you an idea of what the betting experience is like on the site.

Sports betting bonuses & promo codes in CO

There are numerous betting bonuses and promo codes to use on sports betting sites in Colorado. The bonuses are of various types. You may get some of them automatically, while you might unlock others by entering a promo code. The most popular betting bonuses in Colorado are the following:

  • Deposit match bonuses – Deposit match bonuses in Colorado are bonuses you may get when you make a deposit. They are usually a percentage of your deposit. If the deposit bonus on offer is 100%, then you will get an amount equal to your deposit placed in your account. You can use the bonus for betting purposes. You go for this bonus if it is available. It will help boost your betting capacity.
  • Risk-free bets – A risk-free bonus is usually not as risk-free as it sounds. What it means is that you will get back a certain percentage of your wager if you lose it all on a bet. It is only if the risk-free bonus is 100% that you will get your whole wager back. You will be lucky to get such an offer from a sportsbook. Usually, it is 50% or even less. It means the sportsbook keeps some of your wagers while refunding the rest. You gain by not losing your entire wager, while the sportsbook gains by keeping part of it. So, it is a win-win situation for both parties.
  • Free bets – Some betting sites will give you free bets. Usually, these come with conditions such as making a certain number of bets before you can claim it. This is not the best bonus type to go for. Still, you should take it if it is the only one available. Never leave anything, however small, that comes your way in the world of betting.

Retail sports betting locations in Colorado

There are currently 14 different retail sports betting locations in Colorado that you can visit in person to place wagers on sports. Each physical sports betting venue is affiliated with an online betting operator and they are all located in Cripple Creek and Black Hawk.

Double Eagle Hotel and Casino (PointsBet) 442 E Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
The Lodge Casino (Superbook) 240 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Z Casino (IGT) 01 Gregory St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
The Wild Card Saloon (IGT) 120 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Sasquatch Casino (IGT) 125 Gregory St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Ameristar (Penn National) 111 Richman St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Mardi Gras Casino (DraftKings) 300 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Wildwood Casino (BetWildwood) 119 N Fifth St, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Monarch Casino (BetMonarch) 488 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Saratoga Casino (Betfred) 101 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Isle Casino (William Hill & Caesars) 401 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Lady Luck Casino (William Hill & Caesars) 340 Main St, Black Hawk, CO 80422
Bronco Billy’s Casino (TwinSpires) 233 E Bennett Ave, Cripple Creek, CO 80813
Red Dolly Casino (Elitebook) 530 Gregory St, Black Hawk, CO 80422

Tips when betting online in Colorado

Knowing some sports betting tips can help Colorado bettors maximize their chances of winnings. Betting can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are engaging in it for the first time. You will not know how best to maximize your chances of getting the best out of the undertaking.

Though you will learn a lot from your personal experience, it is important to know a few basics about the whole practice before you fully indulge. The following tips will come in handy when you go betting in Colorado.

  • Don’t bet on sports you’re not familiar with – Whether you are involved with sports betting app in Colorado, or you are betting in a physical location, the rule of thumb is to go for a sport you are familiar with. If you don’t know how the scoring system of a game works, you will not bet on it freely. Of course, you can learn the rules of new sports in time. Before you do so, stick with what you know, even if other people are making a kill on other sports.
  • Build a bankroll – Building a bankroll means having enough money in your account to bet regularly as you want. You can build a bankroll by depositing a certain amount regularly and not using all of it to bet. This way your funds will accumulate, and you will always have some balance for betting. It is very disappointing if some games with really good odds come along then you don’t have any money to bet with.
  • Take advantage of bonuses on offer – You should be a bonus hunter. Remember in betting, you take every little extra cash that comes your way. So, if there is a bonus, big or small, snap it up as soon as you can. The bonus may just give you the money you wager once and win big. In any case, the risk of losing some money on the site is always present.
  • Try different sports betting sites to see what offers the best odds and bonuses – You should always look for the best odds on offer. High odds translate into big money when you win. So, the higher the odds the better. Some sites offer higher odds than others on the same games. Go for those. Being a bonus hunter, you should also look for the biggest bonuses around and take full advantage.

How taxes from sports betting in Colorado are distributed

There is a 10 percent tax on net sports betting proceeds and the revenue will be exempt from TABOR as voter-approved state revenue. The net sports betting proceeds will be distributed to pay for:

  • The Department of Revenue’s Division of Gaming must first pay all administrative costs.
  • 6 percent to a hold harmless fund to cover any potential revenue loss from legalizing sports betting.
  • $130,000 for counseling services and a gambling crisis hotline in the Department of Human Services’ Office of Behavioral Health.
  • In addition, there is a portion left over to be deposited into the Water Plan Implementation Cash Fund to fund water projects under the state’s Water Plan.


What is the legal sports betting age in Colorado?

The legal sports betting age in Colorado is 21 years. You must have attained this age to legally participate in active wagering. Though some states have made it possible for those as young as 18 to participate in betting, that is not the case in Colorado.

Is it safe to bet on sports online in Colorado?

Yes, it is very safe to bet on sports online in Colorado. You should ensure that you are betting on a legally licensed site. Such sites are regulated by the Colorado gaming commission, so their operations are always above board.

How many sports betting sites are available for Colorado citizens?

There are more than 25 active sports betting sites in Colorado. These include famous operators like FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, and BetRivers. There are also around 15 different physical sports betting venues where you can go to bet in person.