In this article, we will delve into everything you need to know about free bets in Colorado. Stick around to find out more.

What is a free bet in CO?

A free bet is a bet that the player does not have to pay for. Rather, a bookmaker pays for the player’s stake. By offering free bets, sportsbooks encourage players to place bets and subsequently utilize the online betting sites. By offering risk-free betting, new players are more likely to play without the fear of any losses that they would usually have to consider with standard wagers.

Specifically, if the player loses their placed bet, the sportsbook credits their account with that amount, which therefore nullifies their loss. However, players are not able to withdraw the value of a free bet as dollars. Instead, players may utilize the value to wager further bets on the sportsbook.

Different types of free bets in Colorado

Sportsbooks offer many variations of free bets. Consequently, it is important that players can distinguish between them and understand what each entails. Read more about the various types of free bet options offered by Colorado sportsbooks below:

  • No deposit bonus free bet CO – Many sportsbooks stipulate that players should credit their account with a minimal amount. This should occur before making their first bet, even in the case of free betting. Essentially, a no deposit free bet is free money for the player, since he or she does not have to make a deposit before placing their bet. Due to this, the amount that the sportsbook offers is usually small. For example, the sportsbook credits a player’s account with $10 which they can then use alongside their free bet. However, many sportsbooks impose specific regulations alongside this type of bet. For example, players may have to use their no deposit free bet within 7 days, or they may have to use their bonus amount in full. Therefore, it is important that players are aware of such regulations beforehand. Nevertheless, free bets are a great, obligation-free means of rewarding frequent or high-dollar players.
  • Free bet bonus on the first deposit CO – Conversely, other providers offer a free bet once players have made their first deposit. A bonus percentage will be then added to the initial deposit amount. Again, there is usually a minimum amount that bettors must adhere to. Subsequently, players are then free to make their first free bet.
  • Stake not returned CO – Typically, successful bettors receive their winnings in addition to their original stake amount. However, when winning a stake not returned (SNR) free bets, players do not receive their stake and only gain their winnings. For example, a $20 bet placed at 2-1 as an SNR-free bet would return $40 (2x £20 stake).
  • Stake returned as a free bet CO – Alternatively, a stake returned free bet refers to bettors’ returns that include their free stake. For example, a standard $20 bet placed at 2-1 would return $60 (2x $20 stake + $20 original stake). Inevitably, this is a popular option with many sportsbook customers.
  • Qualifying free bet – Here, players must qualify by doing something in order to receive their free bet. Usually, this involved placing a certain number of bets or choosing a certain type of bet in order to qualify. Additionally, players may have to wager bets on a certain event or betting market. Sportsbooks utilize this technique to encourage bettors to wager on specific types of bets, and they are mostly used in horse racing and football. For example, if you bet that a specific horse will not win the race, in line with the sportsbooks predictions, you may win your free bet.
  • Deposit match free bet CO – A deposit match free bet typically applies to new players and is a very common type of free bet. Once a new player has created their account, with their chosen sportsbook, they can make their first deposit in line with the minimum deposit amount. This is usually around $5-10 but can be more. Subsequently, the sportsbook determines the free bet amount in relation to the deposit amount, which is then matched by the sportsbook. However, there will be upper and lower limits stipulated by the provider which the player should be aware of. Additionally, many providers impose a time limit in relation to when the bet should be used. Therefore, if the player deposits their account with $30, the bookkeeper will then offer them a free bet worth the same amount.
  • Risk-free bet CO – A risk-free type of bet shares many similarities with free bets, but with one significant difference. Online gambling providers offer risk-free bets to existing bettors. Here, providers encourage players to bet on a specific match, race, or event. In the event of a loss, the loss amount will be returned to the player’s account. This focuses on existing, loyal players only as players, with credited accounts, must wager their stakes beforehand.

How to claim a free bet in Colorado bookies

How to claim a free bet in Colorado can be outlined in the two following ways:

  • Following a link – Firstly, players may have to follow a link to the sportsbook’s website’s bonus section. It is good practice for players to frequently visit this section in order for them to view and access regularly updated bonuses on offer to them. In order to claim the accessible free bets, there will be a button that, when clicked, then activates the free bet bonus.
  • Using a promo code – Alternatively, free bets are accessible via promotional bonus codes. Here, players will copy the unique bonus code into the relevant box within their account, which then activates the free bet.

How to get the best free bets available in CO

Consider the following ways in which to get the best free bet in Colorado.

  • Loyalty and rewards programs – Many sportsbooks often incrementally award their bettors once they have played through a certain amount of money. Rewards can be in many forms such as tickets to sporting events or risk-free bets which reward loyal existing customers. However, the use of rewards is not universal across all providers.
  • Referral programs – Additionally, sportsbook providers reward players for referring a friend to register a new account with them. Once their account has been verified and completed or once they have placed their first bet, the provider credits the account of the player who made the referral, in line with the specific offer.
  • Researching the best offers – Given the multitude of free bets on offer, knowing how to identify the best bet is crucial. Inevitably, each offer is subjective for each individual player, but free bets are largely popular due to their low turnover requirements and simplicity of use. Specifically, turnover requirements refer to the number of times a recipient has to wager real money that is equal to their deposit amount and the bonus money combined. Therefore, players must adhere to requirements in order to withdraw real cash winnings. For new players, free bets allow the wagering of bets without the concern of losing money. However, for those who wish to deposit larger amounts, matched deposits can be advantageous. Notably, it is imperative that bettors should check the terms and conditions as matched deposits often include difficult turnover requirements.
  • The wagering requirements – First and foremost, the wagering requirements are the most important factor when assessing the best free bets. The best options have no wagering requirements but are smaller in amount. Many options involve requirements that must be met before winnings can be utilized.
  • The amount – High free bet amounts equate to better returns. However, a matched deposit bet of up to $200 would not be the best fit for a player looking to deposit only $20.
  • Register with numerous sportsbooks – As many providers restrict the number of free bets that a player can access, it is worthwhile to set up accounts with numerous Colorado online sportsbooks. Consequently, bettors can shop around for the best free bet offers as well as betting on a range of different sports.

Pros & cons of free bets

It is important that bettors weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of wagering free bets in Colorado. Firstly, there are many advantages associated with free bet offers.

  • Bankroll boost – A free bet allows you to increase your bankroll and wagering influence. The more credit that you have in your account, the greater chances you have of making a profit.
  • No risk – Furthermore, some free bets are risk-free. Consequently, you can experiment and have fun with a provider’s interface and offering with minimal or no financial risk.
  • Fun – Finally, making free bets is exciting and provides bettors with low-risk fun.

Equally, players should be aware of the limitations associated with free bets.

  • Terms and conditions – It is critical that players understand and agree to the terms and conditions associated with free bets. Such regulations can make it more difficult for players to cash out.
  • Capped – Further limitations lie in the fact that, often, sportsbooks cap free bet wager limits at $10 which offers a minimal return. Higher value bets depend upon the bettor depositing their own money.
  • No cashout – Additionally, it is not possible to cash out on the value of a free bet as they function to create new bets.
  • Expire – Sportsbooks often impose further restrictions such as time limits within which the free bet is valid and minimum odds on strong favorites. Players must bet on these odds in order for their free bet to qualify.


Why do Colorado sportsbooks offer free bets?

Colorado sportsbooks offer free because they entice new bettors to create accounts with different providers. Free bets and their associated bonuses allow sportsbooks to create a competitive edge against other providers, especially since the legalization of betting across many states. They reward loyal and frequent players and maintain customer satisfaction. Additionally, they help to contain betting to legal and regulated providers thus avoiding the temptation for players to engage in offshore betting. Also, free bets enable players to learn and try out betting strategies before playing with real money.

How do I tell which Colorado sportsbooks are offering free bets?

You can tell which Colorado sportsbooks offer free bets by looking on this website or checking the homepage of the online sportsbook. Here, they will show the latest bonuses and promotions on offer.

Can I withdraw winnings from a free bet in CO?

Yes, you can withdraw winnings from a free bet in Colorado. Terms and conditions are variable according to individual bookmakers. Therefore, it is imperative that bettors understand and agree to their sportsbook's regulations in advance of wagering their first free bet. Whereas wagering requirements restrict some free bets that must be adhered to prior to making use of their 'winnings,' others are free from stipulations but are worth a smaller amount. Notably, matched free bets enable players to counteract their initial deposit preventing their loss. This form of betting may be the most valuable type of free bet for players. Ultimately, it is possible to withdraw winning from a free bet once the sportsbooks' stipulations have been adhered to.