Pointsbet is a unique sportsbook that offers the kind of betting you will not find elsewhere. It provides points betting which is where it derives its name. This has proved popular with its fans, and that is why Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado has amassed a pretty large following.

In this review, we will take an in-depth look into what Pointsbet is all about, and its current operations in Colorado.

About Pointsbet sportsbook in Colorado

Pointsbet Sportsbook was founded in 2015 in Australia. It soon spread to the US in 2019. It has since established itself in the states of Colorado, Iowa, New Jersey, Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois. It is fast spreading to other states. The sportsbook has garnered many members due to its unique sports betting idea and boosted odds.

The sportsbook officially launched in Colorado in 2020, just one year after it had arrived in the US. It soon gained a big following in the state, just like it did elsewhere. The fact that it established a retail sportsbook in the state in conjunction with the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino in Cripple Creek really grounded its operations.

This agreement preceded the official launch of the sportsbook. It was signed in late 2019. A comparison of Pointsbet v Barstool sports betting in Colorado draws some interesting similarities. Both sportsbooks operate their retail operations in famous hotels with a long history of casino operations. They also run large ground casinos which carry quite a lot of people.

Yes, Pointsbet Sportsbook is legal in Colorado and is licensed to operate by the Colorado Gaming Commission. The Commission also regulates its operations to ensure that it has fair gaming practices and pays its clients. So, you should not worry about anything when betting on the site in the Centennial State. Any money you deposit into your sportsbook account will be safe, and you will readily get your winnings when you want them.

What is Points betting?

Points betting works in by predicting the least number of points that will be scored in a game. Any points that appear over that prediction will earn you a similar amount to your wager. So, if you predict that a game will have at least 200 points, and it ends up with 210 points, you will earn your wager 10x.

That is because 10 is the number of points above your wager. Your bet must however be logical. You cannot predict that a basketball game will have over 10 points scored. That is an obvious outcome for any game, so you will not be allowed to do that.

Pointsbet sportsbook bonus & promo codes in Colorado

Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado offers many bonuses and promotions for its bettors. In fact, it is regarded as the industry leader in giving bonuses, not just in the Centennial State, but in the US as a whole. There are welcome, weekly, and monthly bonuses on the site that you should look out for at any time. You can receive notifications of bonus offers by enabling them in the “My Account” section where you select the ‘Settings’ tab to select your contact preferences. Promotions are also advertised on the site.

There are a number of bonus types on Pointsbet Colorado. They enable you to get bonuses on the site when you take advantage of them. You should always take advantage since you don’t know when anything big will come your way. Below are some of the most common ones on the sportsbook

  • Odds boost: This is the increasing of odds over and above what the competition has to offer. In order to lure in more bettors, Pointsbet regularly endeavors to boost its odds to make them as attractive as possible. The advantage of boosted odds is that you get more dollars when your bet wins. It goes without saying that you should go for these big odds whenever they are available. The thrill of winning big is the dream of every serious bettor. In any case, you are there to make money, aren’t you?
  • Parlay boosts: Parlay boosts also greatly increase your possibilities of get large returns on your bets. When you make a parlay bet, you already increase your odds tremendously. When those odds are boosted further, you will find yourself with the possibility of getting jackpot-like winnings. The moment you win just one parlay with boosted odds, you will be smiling all the way to the nearest bank.
  • Free bets: There are regular free bets on the Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado. Such bets allow you to wager without using your own money. The wins you get from such wagers can help you bet even more. Consequently, you should be on the lookout for these bets. After all, you mostly get them after you have lost some of your money in previous bets. So, they act as a kind of compensation for your losses. You should not hesitate to use them as soon as you can.
  • Risk-free bets: This is one of the bonuses that Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado is well-known for. Risk-free bets are usually targeted at new members. However, there are also promotions that avail them to existing members. They are bets that assure you of a refund of a percentage of the money you have wagered. So, risk-free bets ensure that you recoup at least part of your wager when you lose on a bet. At Pointsbet sportsbook in Colorado, the maximum refund on risk-free bets can go as high as 4 figures. That is a serious amount in the sports betting business.
  • Deposit bonus: You will also regularly get a deposit bonus on the sportsbook. This applies when you are making your first deposit, or when you are making subsequent ones during promotions. A deposit match bonus is a percentage of your deposit that is added to your account over the deposit amount you have put in. At Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado, these percentages can be really high.
  • Reward points: There is a standard reward points program on Pointsbet for established players. You get points against the bets you make. This means that the more you bet, the more points you will garner. Eventually, you will be able to redeem the points for betting cash. The points can come in handy if your cash is running out, yet you still need to bet. All you will do in such a case is to redeem your points and bet on the big game ahead.

How to register at Pointsbet sportsbook in CO

The registration process at Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado is very simple. You just have to complete a few steps, and you will be indulging in betting.

  1. Download the PointsBet app to your phone or open the website on your browser.
  2. Click on the registration tab to open the form in which you will enter your details.
  3. Enter your details correctly and accurately. It is important to verify any information when required to do so. That will speed up the registration process.
  4. Choose your banking option so that you can be able to deposit some money.
  5. Deposit the requisite minimum amount in order to begin betting.
  6. Bet on your favorite teams from then on.

Notable features of Pointsbet CO sportsbook

There are a number of notable features on the Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado. The main ones appear in the list below.

Easy registration

The registration process on this Colorado gambling site is really easy. The designers went out of their way to ensure that you don’t experience any complications with the process. You are also not asking too many questions as you will experience on other apps. Even if you are new to the process of registering on sports apps, you will simply breeze through.

Multiple deposit options

You will get many options to use for your banking needs. There are so many options, you will not miss the most convenient one for you. Moreover, you will easily transact on the app whether you are depositing or withdrawing cash. The app scores very highly on financial transaction convenience.

Promotions and bonuses

Pointsbet sportsbook Colorado has so many promotions, you will come across one almost every week. These benefit both new and established players. The sportsbook has a reputation for being the leading up in promotions. These promotions are advertised on the site or sent to your mail once you enable the function. The promotions will certainly add to the thrill of betting on the site.


Being a betting platform, Pointsbet takes the issue of the security on the site very seriously. Betting involves cash, so fraudsters will be interested in cashing in. The Pointsbet management is well aware of this, so they don’t compromise on the issue of security. The site is well protected by the latest encryption methods to ensure that your data on the site is safe. Moreover, the security undergoes frequent revisions. So, you can rest assured that no one will interfere with your data. In fact, no security lapse has been reported on the site.

PointsBet betting app in Colorado

The Pointsbet CO betting app has one of the best user interfaces you will find anywhere. It is appealing to the eye and very user-friendly. The layout is simple and functional. You will get the tabs you want with ease. Some tabs are in drop-down menus to ensure that there is no clogging interface. New users will navigate the app almost as easily as established ones due to the overall simplicity and functionality. It is also important to add that the app runs very well on phones, whether iOS or Android.

How to download the Pointsbet app on iOS devices

It is easy to download the Pointsbet app on iOS devices. You simply have to visit the App Store and search for it. Once you get the app, you click download and the process will happen swiftly depending on your internet connection. After the download completes, you can open the app and begin using it.

How to download the Pointsbet app on Android devices

The download process on Android devices is equally simple. You visit the Google Play store and search for the app. You can then quickly download it, and open it when the process is complete. After that, you can proceed to use the app.

App reviews from the App store and Google Play

Reviews of the app from the App store and Google Play are very positive. The app has undergone verification on both platforms, so you cannot doubt its veracity. It is also highly rated at 4.5, which means it is one of the best apps around. You should not be in any doubt that it is one of the best betting apps you will get.

Sports you can bet on at Pointsbet

Pointsbet has a big sports market. It may not boast as many sports as you will find on BetMGM for instance, but it has a very huge sports selection of its own. Among the leading sports you can bet on are the following:

  • Football
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motorsports
  • Boxing
  • Cycling
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Rugby Union
  • Non-Sports entertainment

Types of bets you can make at Pointsbet sportsbook

There are many types of bets that you can make at Pointsbet sportsbook. The main ones are as follows.

Points betting

These bets are the trademark of the Pointsbet sportsbook. Here you predict that there will be more than a specified number of points in a game. For every extra point that is scored above your prediction, you will get an equal amount to your wager. If a game exceeds your predicted points by 10, you will get 10x your wager. It is a very interesting way of betting since it pays very highly when you win. However, you will also lose completely if your prediction goes wrong. Due to the excitement it generates, points betting is very popular with bettors.


These are simple bets with two or three components, depending on the game. In a game like soccer, you can bet on a win, draw, or loss. In other games, it is only won or lost. Each option has its odds for the team participating. The way it works is that the team regarded as weak has higher odds, while the stronger team has lower odds. The odds for a draw are usually somewhere in between. If you bet on a team to win, and it loses, then you lose the bet. This is the simplest and oldest type of bet. The problem with it is that it provides very low odds since the risk is quite low. So, you will not win a lot of money, especially if you are going with the stronger team.


These are several Moneyline bets compounded together into one bet. Instead of betting on one game, you can bet on several games and combine them in a single bet. That is what is known as a parlay. Veteran bettors prefer parlays to money lines because the odds of each game are joined together to form huge odds. So, you can win big on parlays on a relatively small wager. Conversely, you can lose your wager if just one game does not adhere to your predictions. With parlays, you either get all your predictions right or lose everything.


These are bets which predict the total number of goals that will be scored. They include over/under bets. You can predict that over 5 goals will be scored in a hockey game for instance. If the goals scored by both teams add up to 6, then you win. Alternatively, you can predict that under 5 goals will be scored, in which case you win if 4 or fewer goals get scored. The odds for totals are quite high since the risk factor is also high.


These bets predict events that are not directly related to the outcome of the game. They predict happenings such as the first corner of a game or the first red card to be given. These are also high-risk bets, so they command very high odds. Regardless, they are much loved by bettors despite the fact that predictions frequently go terribly wrong.

Live Betting

This is betting that takes place while a game is going on. You can watch the game unfold for some time before you place a bet on it. Odds will keep changing as the game progresses. The advantage of live betting is that you don’t have to place your wager in advance as happens with other bet types. Live betting provides varying odds depending on how the game is going. It is also very exciting when you watch the action unfold as the game progresses. It has a large following among bettors.

Banking options at Pointsbet

Pointsbet is fairly limited in its deposit and withdrawal methods. This is an area that they need to improve on. You can use the options below for your banking requirements.

  • Deposit: You can deposit using a number of methods.
  • PayPal: This is the most popular e-wallet in the United States and beyond. However, it is still being unrolled as a payment method. You can use it to quickly deposit money into your account at very minimal fees.
  • Visa and Mastercard: You can use Visa or Mastercard debit/credit cards to deposit money into your Pointsbet sportsbook account. The sportsbook will charge you no money, while the card operators may levy some minimal fees.
  • Online bank transfer: You can also deposit money using online bank transfer. This method is usually a little slower than the previous ones since it is subject to a lot of verification. However, it is still a fast and efficient method of making deposits. The downside is that it might cost you more in fees than the previous methods.
  • Withdrawal: The withdrawal methods on Pointsbet are also quite limited. You may not be able to use some of the deposit methods for withdrawal. The only available withdrawal methods are as follows.
  • Paypal: This is the most convenient banking method since you can use it both for deposits and withdrawals. It is also quick and efficient.
  • Online bank transfer: You can also use this method to make deposits and withdraw. That makes it easy since you will only be using a single banking method.
  • ACH/eCheck: This is the only other available withdrawal method. The downside is that it is not as widespread as the deposit methods listed above.

Pointsbet Colorado customer support

The Pointsbet customer support services are quite good. Live chat and telephone services are readily available. The only hitch is that the live chat slots are hidden at the bottom of the screen on the app. So, you have to scroll first to get to them. Nevertheless, the live chat is available throughout, while the phone also generates fairly quick responses. The Pointsbet Colorado phone number is 1-800-522-4700. You can call at any time if you have issues to sort out.

You can also send an email, though this will take a little longer to elicit a response. However, emails are good if you want to give some details on an issue. They also work well if you need a researched response which can take some time to generate.

Retail locations of Pointsbet sportsbook in Colorado

Pointsbet sportsbook has one main retail location in the Centennial state. It is at the Double Eagle Hotel and Casino. Its address is 442 E, Bennet Avenue, Cripple Creek. Pointsbet partnered with the hotel in 2019 to provide premium retail and mobile sportsbook in Colorado. The site has a sports bar, multi-screen videos, and an odds viewing wall. It also has casino games. The partnership brought together the hotel, which was already a huge casino gaming site, with the fast-growing Pointsbet sportsbook. The combination has worked very well for both parties.

Though the sportsbook is aiming to open more retail locations due to the growing number of followers, this may take some time. For the moment, the existing location is serving there residents who prefer to bet in a physical facility very well. However, in future, the sportsbook will do well to open similar spaces to what it currently has at Double Eagles Hotel.


When did Pointsbet launch in Colorado?

Pointsbet launched in Colorado in 2020. It has since become one of the biggest sportsbooks in the state due to its unique and highly paying points betting idea. The sportsbooks provides high odds and vary many bonuses that makes it attactive to new bettors. As a result, it now commands a large following in the state and is one of the most popular sportsbooks there.

What is the age requirement for Pointsbet?

You have to be at least 21 years old to bet on Pointsbet. This is a legal requirement of federal law and the sportsbook has to adhere with it. However, it depends on the state in which you are betting. In some states, bettors as young as 18 years are allowed to participate. The sportsbook operates in many states which may have varying age eligibility laws.

Is Pointsbet legal in CO?

Yes, Pointsbet is legal in Colorado. The sportsbook is duly licensed and regulated by the Colorado Gaming Commission. The work of the commission is to ensure that sportsbooks operate fairly for the sake of their customers. So, you can bet freely on the sportsbook in Colorado. You will always be covered by the commission and the laws of Colorado. It is important to always bet on a legal sportsbook to ensure that your money is secure.