To be able to bet on a sports betting site in Colorado, customers would need to fund their betting accounts. One type of payment method that can be used on these platforms is a prepaid card.

What is a prepaid card at CO betting sites?

A prepaid card is a type of bank or credit card that you can top up with funds. You can only spend a maximum of what is on that card. Prepaid cards can be used to fund accounts on online gambling sites in Colorado. Customers can load money into these prepaid cards. They can then use the amount to send money to their accounts at betting sites that accept prepaid cards in Colorado.

Different types of prepaid cards

Bettors in Colorado have many prepaid card options to choose from when engaging in sports betting In the state. With prepaid cards, customers can also choose from various types of cards that prepaid car betting sites in Colorado accept. The list below contains the various types of these cards that prepaid card betting sites in Colorado can accept.

  • Reloadable prepaid cards – Reloadable prepaid cards can be used up to the indicated expiration date on the card. Bettors can load money into the card multiple times. They can also repeatedly transfer money from these cards to their accounts on betting sites that accept prepaid cards in Colorado. These are typically physical cards that customers can carry in their wallets.
  • Virtual prepaid cards – Virtual prepaid cards also function like reloadable prepaid cards. However, these digital cards are electronically generated and provided to the customers. They can then load money into these cards and transfer them as needed to their betting accounts. They can use these virtual cards repeatedly for funding their betting accounts.
  • Gift cards – In the case of gift cards, this type of prepaid card can also contain a certain amount of money. However, gift cards typically cannot be reloaded with more cash. These cards can only be used to deposit into betting accounts until the customer spends all the amount contained in the card. Some gift cards are also for one-time use only. These specific cards can only make a transfer once to a customer’s betting account even if there is still some money left on the card. Gift cards’ uses are also typically limited only to the brands or branches that are indicated on them. Gift cards can be in the form of physical cards or virtual ones.
  • Voucher prepaid cards – This type of prepaid card is typically for one-time use only. The voucher usually has the name of the owner printed or indicated on the card, be it physical or digital. Those who have voucher prepaid cards can only use this card in certain establishments or groups of establishments that released them.

How to make a deposit at Colorado Prepaid card betting sites

The steps below show how bettors can fund their Colorado betting accounts using a prepaid card.

  1. Top up – Before funding a betting account, customers need to make sure first that they have loaded enough money into their prepaid cards.
  2. Go to the prepaid card betting site in Colorado – Proceed to the website or the app of one of the many betting sites that accept prepaid cards in Colorado.
  3. Sign up – New customers will need to register for an account by providing personal data such as name, address, age, and other key information. They will also need to ensure that the name and residence details that are associated with their prepaid cards are the same as those inputted in their Colorado online sportsbook account. If there is a mismatch, the deposit may not push through.
  4. Head to the cashier section – Look for the “deposit” button or option that is typically under the account menu list.
  5. Choose prepaid card as deposit method – Bettors can then choose “prepaid card” as their deposit method.
  6. Enter personal details – Once they are on the account deposit page, they can then provide the relevant details such as their prepaid card number, expiration date, CVC, name, amount to be deposited, and other requested information.
  7. Ready to bet – They can then hit the “submit” button for the transaction to push through. Once confirmed, they can then check if the money from their prepaid card went into their sportsbook account.

How to withdraw from Prepaid cards at CO betting sites

Bettors in Colorado also need to know various withdrawal options provided by the sportsbooks in the state. Once it is time to collect their winnings, this knowledge can come in handy.

  1. To withdraw from prepaid card betting sites in Colorado, bettors will need to ensure that they have enough winnings in their sportsbook accounts. They also need to ensure that they can meet the minimum amount set by the sportsbook before they can withdraw their money.
  2. Once ready, they can proceed to the “withdraw” button under the sportsbook’s cashier menu.
  3. They can then choose the amount to take out from their sportsbook account.
  4. After this, they can select “prepaid card” as their withdrawal method.
  5. They can then input the required details such as their account number, prepaid card details, amount, and other requested data. After completing the information, they can then hit the “submit” button. Customers also need to make sure that their personal details are the same in their sportsbook account and in their prepaid card.
  6. Once done, they can check if their prepaid cards are already reflecting the expected amount based on the indicated withdrawal processing terms. The withdrawal processing time usually varies across various sportsbooks and prepaid providers.

Advantages of using a prepaid card for sports betting in Colorado

Bettors in Colorado need to ensure that they have selected the best payment method when gambling in the state. With prepaid cards, there are several benefits that they can realize that make this method a good option.

  • Secure – Prepaid cards offer additional security when placing wagers online. The bettor’s main banking and credit data are typically not linked to the prepaid card. Based on this, the sportsbook operators will not be able to see their private personal information. This can then help in maintaining the privacy of the bettors.
  • No credit checks – Most customers also found it advantageous that prepaid card companies don’t need to conduct credit checks on them. These cards also typically don’t charge monthly fees and do not have a minimum balance requirement. Furthermore, the process to load them is typically straightforward and fast.

Disadvantages of using a prepaid card for sports betting in CO

There are also stumbling blocks with some of the payment methods that bettors may encounter in prepaid card betting sites in Colorado. With prepaid cards, some bettors may encounter banks that charge huge fees for prepaid card transactions.

  • Limits – Some prepaid cards are tied to specific brands and limited only for use in certain branches, or establishments. Given these limitations, bettors may sometimes need to have several prepaid cards that they can use for each sportsbook.


Do prepaid cards come as Visa and Mastercard in CO?

Yes. Visa and Mastercard provide prepaid cards as well aside from their own brand of credit cards in CO. Their prepaid cards are often branded and linked to specific sportsbook brands or certain branches. Bettors can typically use these prepaid cards in those establishments that accept Visa and Mastercard cards. These companies’ prepaid cards often do not have additional charges when depositing or withdrawing to or from sportsbook accounts.

Are prepaid cards safe to use for online sports betting in CO?

Yes. Prepaid cards are generally safe to use for online sports betting in CO as the bettor’s bank details cannot be traced through the cards. Sportsbook providers will not be able to access their bank details as bettors will only need to input the data contained in their prepaid cards into the prepaid card betting sites in Colorado.

Are there any fees associated with using a prepaid card on sports betting sites in CO?

No, most prepaid cards do not charge any fees for deposit or withdrawal transactions to and from sportsbook accounts in CO. However, there are some brands that do charge a minimal fee to facilitate the transaction. Bettors need to read the fine prints of the terms and conditions provided by their chosen prepaid cards to ensure that they are aware of any fees or hidden charges.