PayNearMe betting sites in Colorado starts to become more popular. Here we will take you through how to set up a PayNearMe account in Colorado. We will also talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

PayNearMe is the best deposit option for bettors who don’t want to give out their banking information to third parties. Because it is fast, simple, and secure, it is the most widely used cash-based deposit method. It is used on several licensed online sportsbooks and betting apps in Colorado But how good is this payment method, and how do you use PayNearMe on betting sites? Find out more a little bit below.

About PayNearMe

Founded in 2009 and based in the United States, it is a payment solution that allows customers who do not have a traditional bank account to make online payments. PayNearMe MT, Inc., the company’s operating company, is a branch of Handle Financial, Inc. The primary goal of the payment method was to provide people with a simple and quick way to pay in retail stores.

PayNearMe is a safe and convenient way to transfer money. Unlike many of the alternatives, it provides a payment option that does not require the use of plastic or a bank account.

It’s popular for paying bills if you don’t have any other options or don’t want to use them. Bettors that use PayNearMe for betting on sports online in Colorado follow a simple process to pay with cash at numerous locations. It includes the 7-Eleven in their neighborhood.

Every year, PayNearMe processes billions of dollars in transactions from over 27,000 locations in the United States. You can pay your utility bills with PayNearMe at multiple locations. 7-Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, and Family Dollar are some common PayNearMe cashiering locations.

Depositing to Colorado betting sites with PayNearMe

PayNearMe makes it easy to make a deposit on Colorado betting sites. Sign up for an account at one of the many betting sites in Colorado that accept PayNearMe deposits to get started. Here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Log in to your betting account and head to the cashier to make a deposit.
  2. Choose”PayNearMe” from the list of deposit options.
  3. Select a deposit amount; the operator will generate a PaySlip.
  4. The PaySlip can be saved to your phone or printed at home.
  5. Take the PaySlip to the 7-Eleven, Walgreens, CVS, or Family Dollar store nearest you.
  6. Hand the PaySlip to the cashier and pay the amount you want to deposit in cash.
  7. Within minutes, your betting site will credit your account.

The first step in using PayNear betting sites to make a payment is to locate a betting site in Colorado that accepts this method.

Then, once you have created your gambling account, click on the ‘Cashier’ section. Choose ‘PayNearMe’ from the list of available options. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit and then confirm the deposit. You will receive a payslip from your online betting PayNearMe site. Save the payslip to your phone, take a screenshot, or print it.

After that, you can either pay the amount in cash at a nearby CVS or make the payment using your bank account, credit/debit card, or mobile wallet. Then, your payment is processed and credited to your betting account.

You can get a new PayCode if you lose your old one. Another crucial point is that you can reuse the PayCode, so you won’t have to generate a barcode every time you want to top up your sports betting account. But, remember that the maximum deposit you can make in a 24-hour period is $500, with a $10 minimum deposit.

Advantages of using PayNearMe betting sites

PayNearMe has some pros for using it on sports betting sites in Colorado. Here are some of them.

  • Your information is private.
  • Safe & secure.
  • You keep control over your betting (because you need to visit a store to deposit).
  • Available 24/7.

PayNearMe is a secure payment solution that allows customers without a bank account to make online payments. Consumers can pay online without disclosing sensitive information because users can pay in cash.

Nobody can withdraw funds from your sports betting account if you lose your barcode after you have already topped it up. This is because the information is specific to you.

PayNearMe is not only secure and convenient, but it’s also simple to use. While using this payment method, you are unlikely to run into any issues. PayNearMe also has an excellent customer service department if you have any questions. You can reach out to the friendly customer support team via email or phone.

Besides that, PayNearMe is a service that assists gamblers in keeping their bankroll in check. Numerous studies have shown that when people pay with cash rather than a debit or credit card, they are more budget-conscious.

Finally, PayNearMe works with physical stores that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, you are free to visit them any time during the day or week to make your payment.

Disadvantages of using PayNearMe betting sites

There are some cons to using PayNearme on betting sites in CO.

  • You need to travel.
  • Only cash can be used.
  • There are fees associated.
  • You can miss out on bonuses.

While visiting a physical location to make a deposit has its advantages, it is not for everyone. You may not want to leave your house to place a bet, even though it helps you control your betting, which is critical when it comes to such entertainment.

It’s a double-edged sword to be a cash-only payment method. On the one hand, you can’t spend more money than you have, ensuring that you don’t go into debt. A credit card, on the other hand, provides security and certainty. Moreover, let’s say you’re a responsible gambler who doesn’t go overboard. You’d not be able to enjoy betting just because you do not have enough cash.

Fees for PayNearMe betting site deposits in Colorado have been noted to be relatively low across the board. It is dependent on the particular operator. Around 70% of providers, on the other hand, only charge $1.99. You can get away with paying as little as $0.99 in some cases, while others may charge up to $5. In comparison, bank transfers and credit card deposits are almost always free. Another significant limitation is that PayNearMe only allows customers to deposit $500 per day.

Finally, PayNearMe can sometimes prevent you from receiving the best betting bonuses in Colorado. So, if you want to bet on something you like, you might not be able to do so with PayNearMe. And, before claiming a bonus, check the terms and conditions to see if it’s compatible with this payment method.

Alternatives to using PayNearMe for sports betting in Colorado

Besides PayNearMe, there are other banking options you can use. Here are a few of them available at PayNearMe betting sites in colorado.

  • PaySafeCard betting sites CO – PaySafeCard is primarily a prepaid payment method and is ideal for bettors who value convenience, security, and flexibility. Moreover, it functions similarly to prepaid vouchers in that no personal or financial information about the player is required. You can get prepaid slips from the official website or retail outlets. Different denominations are appropriate for different types of players.
  • Visa betting sites CO – Visa is excellent because it is both secure and convenient. There are no additional fees to pay, and it offers the highest level of security. It is possible to use a credit or debit card to make the necessary deposits.
  • Skrill betting sites CO – Skrill is an e-wallet that allows for easy and quick money transfers. Skrill is a popular choice among players because of its use in over 200 countries and almost 40 currencies. It makes it simple for players to link their accounts to their bank accounts, debit cards, or credit cards. Selecting it as a preferred payment method is all it takes.


What are the fees that go along with PayNearMe betting sites in Colorado?

The fee for using PayNearMe betting sites in Colorado varies depending on where you pay and how much you're paying. While some transactions charge nothing to the customer, some charge from zero to five dollars per transaction. The standard transaction fee is $1.99.

Are there limits to depositing at sportsbooks in Colorado using PayNearMe?

Yes, there are limits to depositing at sportsbooks in Colorado using PayNearMe. The maximum you can deposit using PayNearMe in 24hrs at most operators is $500. So, if you're a high-roller planning to deposit more than $500, PayNearMe isn't the best option.

Is PayNearMe safe to use at betting sites in CO?

Yes, PayNearMe is safe to use at CO betting sites. Because it is entirely cash-based, it is probably the safest deposit method on the market right now. Bettors do not have to share their credit card information, reveal their bank account numbers, or any other financial information during the deposit process.